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June 2002
MetaCat project started
MetaCat is going to develop a set of server application components providing services like corporate ontology storage and access and business process automation based on the corporate ontology. We have released an overview of ontology based business information systems architecture.
June 2002
OpenDBX project started
OpenDBX is a DBMS for native XML data storage. It is going to implement XML:DB API specification. For the low level data access it uses BerkeleyDB. OpenDBX is will be written in Java and released under the GPL license. We have released the OpenDBX Architecture overview.
June 2002
XDoc project started
XDoc is an XML content structuring language developement project. We have released XDoc specification version 1.0 Working Draft. Feel free to send any feedback.
June 2002 opened
We have finally started - a home for Open Source projects developing business information systems infrastracture software and technologies.
Welcome to, a home of Open Source software projects dedicated to enterprise web based information systems. Our projects may have different licenses but they are all Open Source software.

The main goal of is to provide Open Source infrastracture software for building business information systems and corporate webs. Our vision is that semantic relationships, unification and openness are of the first importance for this purpose. Thus our efforts are guided by Semantic Web concepts, W3C standards and Open Source development model.

Our primary sponsor and the initiator for is, a Russian web systems developement company. Its employees are the initial developers of all projects. and its partners will also be the primary providers of commercial solutions based on our software and technology.
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