XDoc is an XML content structuring language developement project. Its primary goal is to provide a set of languages that would help create and manage complex hierarchical content for use in information systems and intranets.

XDoc 1.0 is a core language used for hierarchical structuring of XML content. It is based on the concept of simple hierarchy. One of the concepts behind XDoc is Separation of Concerns: it allows to separate content from presentation (presentation of an XDoc publication could be generated from it by XSLT) and logic (programming logic of a web publication could be developed and managed independently of XDoc content using, for example, Apache Cocoon or Turbine).

It may be used with other languages and tools to make a complete publishing solution. For example, to build a Web Content Management System one could use a native XML database storing a publication structured by XDoc, some additional configuration files (may also be in XML and stored in the same database) for mapping XDoc publication parts to URLs, Cocoon could be used as a presentation generation and programming logic execution engine.

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